Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working now... (Internship)

Since after my final exam, I never update my blog...
Work... is the worst thing that we need to pass through in our life.
We need to work, get marry and create our own family.
Although I am just in an internship,
it is just a starter and a beginning stage of my working life,
but I already feel like... *speechless
May be mostly interns do all those jobs, so I think it is still okay for me.
The most headache thing - MAKAN!
Where to eat?!
Here is only mamak and the one and only chinese hawker's stall.
Haiz... I think is time for back to my work... Ciaos!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just finish my final exam for sem 4...

Just finish it yesterday.
Then, get some rest on saturday and sunday,
straight go to internship on next monday~
Although is quite tiring,
but it is better than I do nothing at home.
What a sad thing for my exam~
the first 2 days exam paper is still okay for me.
But, the next 2 paper I screwed up T.T
It is due to my laziness of being study hard for my exam.
hai hai hai... Don't care already, because it was already passed! Hehex!
I just do not want to repeat the whole subject again~ =)