Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monday Night, Luna Bar ^^

Monday night, after my presentation,
almost all of my classmate gather at courtyard.
They all are discussing about that night function(go Luna Bar).
Of course, they have invite all classmate go there.
It is because Yee Huey was moody and she feels like going there and chill.
Therefore, we decide went there.
But, ended up, Yee Huey decided not to go in a very last minute.
In the end, Julius, Vann, Soo and I went there.
Lunar Bar is in KL town area, around KL tower there.
We cannot find the place,
so we spent around 15 or more minutes to find the location.
Once we reach Lunar Bar, there is a pool.
There are 2 area, indoor(air-cond) and outdoor(open-air).
The pool is locate at outdoor area.
There is a second floor in outdoor area.
From second floor, you can see the KL Tower very clearly.
In indoor area, there has a lot of crystals light.
It looks very nice.
We went back around 1am, then go mamak eat and chit-chat.

Pictures will upload later...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Penang BFF (Hong Ee) married (424)

Last friday and saturday,
My high school best friend get married.
I go back Penang friday to attend her wedding dinner.
I reach there around 5.30pm,
after that, I am waiting for my dad to come and fetch me.
Reached my house around 6pm.
I rush to cut, wash and set my hair.
Ended up, Ai Chern, Lay Suan and I were late to the wedding dinner.
Today morning, the groom come and pick up the bride.
My friend and I reach there around 8.15 am.
Guess what, the bride still not in!
Some more, the bride ask we all reach her house before 8am...
Around 9 something, the groom came!
We all ji mui set up 3 question to let the groom answer~
1. What is the bride's favorite animal?
2. How many days they both in the relationship.
3. Love letter to Bride, say it out loud! (3 minutes)
After that, we went to groom house.
The groom really has a big family!
He has a lot of relatives.
At night, I went to oriental KTV with Hong Ee.
Sing K until 1 something almost 2am,
the we went home.
Take bus come back KL.

Ai Chern and I the wedding dinner.

25.4.2009 In bride house, group picture.

Hong Ee (bride) and I

Monday, April 6, 2009

Project HOME Carnival, 5th April

Stage backdrop of our Carnival.

Bunting of our Carnival.

Yee Huey, Me, (half) Issac =P

The story about animal cruelty. (cats and dogs)

We decorate the main entrance by ourselves and this is registration booth.

DJ Prem =)

All the booths ^^

SPCA booth

SPCA's cats and dogs

Dog from Malaysia Dog Deserve Better.

Cake for Petster 1st year anniversary.

5th of April, My Project Carnival day.
Start from february until april,
my team member had run through some roadshows and provide voluntary service to SPCA.
Now, the Carnival is the finale of our project.
My carnival was located at main entrance, Summit.
Although there had not much crowd,
but our carnival is quite successful when it comes to the end.
On the carnival that day, we had
-Hand painting booth
-SPCA merchandise booth
-Malaysia Dog Deserve Better booth
-Samsung merchandise booth
-Pet Icon booth (pet grooming)
-Petster booth
-Photo session booth.
We had invited DJ Prem, Manhand and CrossFire to perform in our carnival.
There was a dancing performance by CHEWS family.
Their dancing performance was awesome, especially the kid.
After all, before we ended our carnival,
we bought a cake for Petster.
Since our carnival is conjuction with petster 1 year anniversary,
we decide to bought a cake for them and celebrate with them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just done all my work...

Just done all my work for today.
Resume, CV, Flyer and Bunting.
Tomorrow (1st April),
My project need to spread out about collecting old newspaper and used hand towel.
Need to reach college at 8am.
Have to go. Ciaoz! =P