Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have a bad day.

so tired and not feeling well since last night.
some more, today I am having my group presentation.
Last night, I felt I am freezing without switch on the fan.
Around 10pm something,
I was still doing about my ICC presentation slides.
I was feeling headache and damn cold...
Around 11pm something,
I felt my whole body was heat.
after i finished my group presentation slides,
I ask my sister for panadol and ate.
my sister was wondering that,
how can I take panadol?
she was saying that, why you need panadol?
is it you play game too much and cause u headache?
that time, i was speechless...
and answer that, i doing my presentation things,
not because of play too much of games.
then... i told her that, I think I was having fever.
when around 1am,
my sister come my room and look after me.
she say, oh my, u're fever.
then i ate medicine, and now is much better than last night.
lucky that, i feel much better today.
if not I don't know how to present our group slides.
today ICC presentation is very successful~
my group leader (Ashlyne) helped us a lot.
at here I want to say thanks for her help.
I really appreciate it. ^^
I think i gonna stop now.
bcos i want to take rest ady~ hope my fever get well in today =x

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clubbing night ^^

Last night is my friend(YeeHuey) bf's friend(Ryan) bday.
They celebrate his bday in a club.
She asked me to go along with them too and have some fun.
Of course! I really have fun at last night. =)
before that, I was going to YeeHuey house and waiting for the night come.
6pm sth, YeeHuey and I started to get ready.
We wear our sexy cloth and start to make up.
then wait for YeeHuey's bf (KK) come to fetch us.
We departure at 8pm. We went to fetch Jane.
After that, we went to pyramid to have our dinner.
We ate at Kim Gary. =p
Finished our dinner, we wait for vivian to come and met us at pyramid.
so that, we can went club together.
We were going to Poppy Garden and rock the night.
It was nice and there has a lovely pool inside the club.
It's differ type with other club such as Manson & Bar Selona.
At first, i feel there is quite bored.
because the DJ play some slow rock type music.
but when it's 12sth nearly 1am,
the DJ started to play all the hip hop, R&B songs...
I started to drink a lot too~
so, around 1 sth, i get high ady and started to dance like mad~
i dance with Vivian, Jane and YeeHuey.
we danced on the dance floor! but the dance floor is damn small!
and it is full of people. Perhaps, its bcos last nite is saturday night.
when its around 2am sth, almost all of our people get DRUNK!
they drunk and vomited. =.='' i felt so disguisting.
In the end, left a few of us didn't get drunk only(not included those I don't know).
which are Vivian, Vivian friend, YeeHuey and I.
but I really enjoyed last night.
after last night, my final exam will come after 2 weeks.
so... now I'm waiting my final exam..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Here I come!

Woo Hoo~~~! My first Blog wei!
Actually, I don't feel like writing blog.
Why now I'm Writing a blog huh?
because now I feel like wanna write it for fun,
in other language (hokkien) called as Zho Siao~
Okay. now i have some thing want to share with you guys!
It's about my study~
My IMMW(Introduction to Mass Media Writing) subject... PASSED!
Before that, i still very worry about my this subject.
da subject teacher is very sarcastic... =.=''
but in the end... I PASSED IT MAN!!!
so... i no need to pay more effort on it ady =x
but, i have another subject to worry about...
which is MHL. It's a history subject... =.=''
haiyooo... okay la.
That's all for today.
Later you guys say i Cheong Hei then ma cham lo. =P