Saturday, March 20, 2010

A week that full with assignment.

A short update about me in this week.
I had been busy for the whole week.
This week handed up 3 assignments and a small presentation.
The most difficult assignment was the Print Ad,
in part of taking my own picture with very tasty expression...
After shooting the photo,
I need to add some things my noodle,
in order to make my noodle look nice and delicious.
I am not an expert for Photoshop.
Therefore, the edit takes me about 5 hours to done it.
As you know most of the student like last minute work.
No doubt, I am the one too. xD
So, this few days, I just slept for a few hours.
However, it's all over~ I done all my assignment and passed up!
Anyway, next week still has a group presentation going on. ~.~
My cousin came down to KL last night.
He wants to go for the Astro singing audition.
Wish he good luck!!!