Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas day, 25/12/2008

Merry Christmas!
It's Christmas day~
I cannot wake up early, because Christmas eve slept very late.
I woke up at 12noon.
then waiting for Mei Yen and Cinta come over my house.
They reached here around 3 something.
I was starving from 1pm til they reach my house.
Once they reached,
we all exchange present~
Guess what, my sister give me a new HP as my present.
That was a 2 in 1 present. ( Bday and Christmas)
Mei yen also received a same HP as mine as her 2 in 1 present.
I very happy.
After opened all present,
we went for Christmas dinner/lunch (at 4 something, so I don't know is lunch or dinner).
Actually we planned to go Kim Gary, Pyramid.
But, we afraid that, must be no car park at all,
Because is Christmas, sure a have a lot of people go there.
Ended up, we go Victoria Station again for our Christmas meal.
After the meal,
We went back.

Christmas Eve~

On the 24th Dec,
KK's family hotel organize a Christmas eve party.
Although the party was not really big,
I really have fun with it.
We went there by 2 cars at 8 something.
Vivian and Julius, each drive 1 car.
Once we reached there,
there are only a few people,
because it is still early.
We ate buffet at there.
The fried chicken damn nice.
As overall, all the foods were not bad. ( I ate a lots!)
After the meal,
We start to play some games.
The one who lose, he/she need to drink a full mouth beer/liquor.
We found out, that game was not very 'Chi Kek'.
So, we play Vann's Black jack again!!!
Who gets 21, they will flick the person who sit beside them + drink.
Who burst, they need to drink and get flick by the person who sit beside them.
What a 'LUCKY' place,
I sit between IAN and KK again!
Hamburger!!! WTH?
Of course, I kena gao gao from IAN that nite!
My forehead damn pain T.T
While playing, we were waiting the time to reach 12am~
After that, we order flaming Lamborghini.
Vivian and I drink most of it.
Dong... Dong... Dong...!!! It's 12!!! Merry Christmas!!!
We started to play and fool around.
Dance, Act, Jump and so forth~
Guess what, I vomited too... XP
but not on the floor la~
Around 2am,
We go Meluk yumcha then go back~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Birthday night ^^

Last night,
My friends celebrated with me for my 20th years old birthday.
I just realized that,
My friends had never forgotten my birthday.
I really touch and glad for what they done to me.
It is very meaningful to me.
At here, I want to say thank you to those who celebrate my birthday with me.
I really really don't know how to describe my feeling,
But I am sure that,
I am really glad that what you guys do for me.
Especially Yee Huey,
She are the one who planned wanna gimme a surprises birthday dinner.
And of course,
all friends who attended to the dinner.
Without you guys,
I won't have such a delightful birthday dinner.
I like the present the you guys gave me too~
I really really... appreciate what you guys do.
I had my birthday dinner at Zenmai Sushi in 1-Utama.
Afterdinner, we went Yipee Cup yumcha.
In Yipee Cup, we all play dice and Vann's Black Jack! LOL
We tasted a lot of pain, while we are playing the Black Jack.
However I really enjoy the moment!
It was fun, although it is painful~ Haha~
AfterYipee Cup, we went mamak continue our game.
But it is different with just now. (another painful game) =P
I really enjoy the night and whole nightwas full of laugh and shout...

Me and Viv in 1 Utama~

Group photo~

All gimme a birthday kiss wey..

Group photo with the girls. ( Viv go back ady T.T)


Soo Hui and I kena damn a lot of flick... T.T

Sunday night 21/12/2008

At 9 something,
My sister, Mei Yen, Cinta, 2 big babies and a small baby (Dome,Lynn,G'nelle) went to secret recipe for my early birthday celebration dinner.
But, it is too late,
when we reach secret recipe,
the waiter said the kitchen was close, and there left some cakes only.
So we decided to change location.
We change to Victoria Station to have dinner,
because it just locate beside the secret recipe,
so that we decide to have my birthday dinner at there.
It is because of have 2 babies with us,
our table is the most noisy table inside the train.
But, we really have a good time at there.
We enjoy the meal and the environment.
After finish the dinner,
I went out yumcha with Yee Huey, her BF, and Julius.
Pictures will upload later when I free. =p

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just came back from Penang.

I just came back from Penang last 2 days (Sunday).
I went back to Penang on Saturday.
Just a 2 days 1 night trip~

We Depart at 12 noon, reached there around 4 something.
I ate a lot in Penang!
Once I reached my house,
I asked my dad to Da Bao Char Koay Teow, and Asam Laksa.
I one shot finished both~ =.=
At night 10 pm,
I asked my dad Da Bao Hokkien Char.
While my dad go Da Bao that time,
someone called me.
Guess who is that? It is Winny.
She was in Penang too, and ask me go Young Sun there collect my photo.
After ate my food,
I asked my dad to fetch me to the Studio for collect my Photo.
Too bad, I can't join Winny they all Yum Cha,
Because I need to take care Domenic. T.T *sobs*

According to my plan,
Sunday morning, I want to eat Dim Sum.
But I can't wake up so early to eat Dim Sum,
ended up, I asked my dad Da Bao again~ =P
After that,
We go E-Gate had lunch.
Winny came and join me,
Because she wanna tumpang my car.
Then started our journey, back to KL~
The time was already 4 pm~
We reached KL at 8 pm.
We dropped Winny at Pyramid,
my sister, her friend, Domenic and I had dinner at Pasta de Gohan, Pyramid.
The food wasn't as tasty as I aspected.
But the look is nice~
too bad forgot to take picture~ can't share with you guys~ :'-(

Thursday night ^^

Thursday, the middle of the night(12am),
I went sing k with friends,
they are Vann, Vann's brother, Ian, Yee Huey and her BF.
I had never been to sing k quite sometimes already,
so I planned want to sing for whole night. LOL
Ended up, I really sing a lot of song~
I sing those song I don't really know how to sing too,
But just the Chorus part~ =P
Near ending that time,
Vann sing the most~
Because the song she chose was coming out 1 by 1.
Sing until 4am,
we go SS15 yum cha.

Yee Huey, Me, Vann ^^

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday Night 6/6/2008 Happy Birthday to BAN.

Firstly, I wanna wish my friend, BAN Happy Birthday!
We went soul out to have a Birthday dinner with him.
I ordered Fish and Chip and i could not finish it.
After we finish ate our dinner,
our Birthday guy, BAN order a Flaming Lamborghini.
After he drink it, he keep wanna go toilet~ Haha
We at soul our cho siao awhile, then change location.
We go SS2 Wong Kok.
In Wong Kok, I saw Soo Hui and her friends.
She was having supper with her friends.
I walked to her table and have a short chat with her.
After have a short chat with her,
I walked back to my friend's table and sat down there cho siao~
Because we had a birthday guy there, so we had a free Big Teh ice~
Wong Kok gave him a birthday present too.
Ban said,
If the person who gave him present is the Wong Kok ambassador,
then he damn proud already. LOL
But the person who gave him the present is normal waiter,
so, it is nothing special.
But, he said it is not bad too, because have a free gift.
After all, we went back.

Ban's Birthday night Pictures.

Souled Out

The Birthday Guy, Ban.

The Late comers. ( Xi Wen and I)
Feel sorry for him, because he need to wait me and fetch me to the dining place.

Group Photo with the foods~ =P

My Food and Drink.
The taste quite Ok, but I can't finish it.

The Foods

Ban and I

Ban was drinking the Flaming Lamborghini.

His Birthday Present.
Not the one that I gave him. =x

Group Photo with his Birthday cake.
Only 1 slide. LoLx (free)

Wong Kok

Wong Kok give him present too! LOL
Photo Album and a Big Size Teh Ice.

Ban and I.

Ban act cute~~~

Group photo in Wong Kok.

Saturday 6/12/2008, a blur day.

Yesterday, my car don't have battery.
so, today Yee Huey, KK and KK friend help me to jam start my car.
We went to Pyramid at 12 noon and have lunch.
After lunch, we went to shop awhile,
then go jam start my car.
I damn blur, because I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAR KEY.
They all stunned there, when I said I forgot to bring my car key.
We had no choice now, so they need to fetch me home and take my key.
but, Yee Huey need to go fetch her mum go saloon.
so, we go Yee Huey house and fetch her mum first.
Since Yee Huey say wanna take her Matricks go car wash,
so we switch car go pyramid.
After we drop Yee Huey's mum,
we realize that, our jam start thing is on another car.
We forgot to bring it down.
so, we need to go back and take the thing.
Damn blur right? Haha...
After all, we go Jam start our car then went back.

Friday night 5/12/2008

I reached Pyramid around 9 pm.
Yee Huey and I met up our friends (Queen, Winny & Nicole) in KimGary.
After that, Queen & Winny need to go to Cheras and celebrate Queen's BF birthday.
Means now only left Nicole, Yee Huey and I.
so, we went to Republic to have a drink~
After Republic, Nicole went home.
Yee Huey and I walked to the car park.
Once we reached where my car is park,
My car door cannot open!!!
My car has totally no battery at all!
Walao... In the middle of the night,
My car has no battery at all, how we gonna drive home?
I started to panic...
But, luckily have Yee Huey BF.
He come fetch both of us go back.
My car was left in the Pyramid car park there.
I think I need to pay a lot for the car park ticket,
because I park there for whole night... Sigh...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mei Yen.

Yesterday was Mei Yen (brother-in-law-sister) birthday.
My sister, Cinta and I went to Imperial Hotel had dinner.
The Satay damn nice.
Although I have sore throat, I still ate a lot. =P
After the dinner, we go Mojo have a drink.
Since Maison also around this area and it was ladies night,
so Fanny and I decided to go in awhile and take a look.
but Manson was so less people in last night.
The songs are suck.
Just went in awhile, I felt damn bored already.
Therefore, we all decided to come out since we have nothing to do inside.
After went in Manson, we walked back to Mojo and have our drinks.
Around 1 something, we went home.
I hope Mei Yen really enjoy the moment that we spent together.
Tonight, I am going out yum cha with friends.
Can't wait to meet them up~
Now I need to go and prepare already...
Hehe~ chaoz first~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A busy day ^^

Edward & Bella

Twilight Movie

Yesterday, I watched movie with my classmate.
The movie title name Twilight.
It is a love story movie.
The story was so sweet,
but it is impossible will happen in reality.
Sign... what a sweet and romantic love story.
After watching the movie,
my mind was keep reviewing the scenes that touch me deeply.
Oh My God... I just cannot stop thinking about that movie...
I wanted to watch it second time... ^^
After watching the movie,
we all go SS15 Station 1 Yumcha.
Finshed yumcha at SS15,
we go 1 Utama shop and have a dinner~
and i bring my nephew (domenic) along.
After my dinner,
my sister come 1-U find me and bring Domenic back home.
While my sister come to 1-U,
I have a conflict between my sister and I.
However, it is just a small matter.
Therefore, just after awhile only,
we both are back to normal already.
In 1-u, we saw Vann was also shop in 1-U with her mom.
So, we decided to go yumcha later with Vann.
We go SS2 Yuppie Cup yumcha.
Between yumcha that time,
Some of us accidently found out something...
and this matter really make our emotion change a lot.
After yumcha,
Yee Huey send Vann, Julius and me go back home.
Haha.. see~ What a fulfill day I have~ =P
I bet you also have a fulfill day like me,
just may not happen in the same day with me.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have what kind of friends in my life?

I seriously don't know how to define FRIEND this word.
Is it when you need help, they are willing to help you?
Or just say but never do?
Or... just let you suffer from the trouble and + back step you?
May be you know?
I really fed up with all of this...
Can anyone help me to define the word?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

02 JAM

i suddenly so desperate for 02 JAM wey...
but dunno why my 02 JAM installation cannot use...
what the... =.=
well... any1 have 02 JAM installation?
if got please tell me~~ damn desperate of that game...
Last night i go out yumcha with Yee Huey and Julius.
hohoho... in SS2 after 1am, we go darrulsalam.
until 4am.. then fetch Yee Huey back.
thats all for today~

Monday, November 17, 2008

Examing -------- Stress? A bit ^^

Hello everybody~
I never update any blog since last sem huh~
Damn long man...
But of course have reason la.
my house don't have internet *Sobx*
now i am in the mamak upload my blog~
somemore during the exam le~
i will try to upload more blog after this. (try my best okay? ^^)
God bless me for the coming exam. (CRM,AW,ICG)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally have free time to update my blog!

phew~ my final exam left 1 subject.

which is BCS, my last paper. ^^

meaning that, now I'm free.

Cos BCS is a basic computer study. (computer need study huh?)

I can continue to write my blog. (cos I'm free, no need to study ady)

so long never update my blog~

my friend (Yee Huey) was complaining about that. =x

so~~~ now I write a short blog~ hehex

oh ya~ last 2 weeks (18/4) I attended my friends make up graduation.

I be their fantasy model (for TV drama)

I get 2nd runner up! I damn HAPPY!

It is my 1st time join those thingy.

I want to thanks for my make up artist friend (covy & shiang)

because of their make up skill,

make me win and get 2nd runner up.

next Tuesday,

I'm going to join miss model in Penang state. (which is my hometown^^)

so~ guys! wish me luck ya!

will see you guys when I free to write my blog.

muacksss~ god bless U & ME! take care guys!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have a bad day.

so tired and not feeling well since last night.
some more, today I am having my group presentation.
Last night, I felt I am freezing without switch on the fan.
Around 10pm something,
I was still doing about my ICC presentation slides.
I was feeling headache and damn cold...
Around 11pm something,
I felt my whole body was heat.
after i finished my group presentation slides,
I ask my sister for panadol and ate.
my sister was wondering that,
how can I take panadol?
she was saying that, why you need panadol?
is it you play game too much and cause u headache?
that time, i was speechless...
and answer that, i doing my presentation things,
not because of play too much of games.
then... i told her that, I think I was having fever.
when around 1am,
my sister come my room and look after me.
she say, oh my, u're fever.
then i ate medicine, and now is much better than last night.
lucky that, i feel much better today.
if not I don't know how to present our group slides.
today ICC presentation is very successful~
my group leader (Ashlyne) helped us a lot.
at here I want to say thanks for her help.
I really appreciate it. ^^
I think i gonna stop now.
bcos i want to take rest ady~ hope my fever get well in today =x

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clubbing night ^^

Last night is my friend(YeeHuey) bf's friend(Ryan) bday.
They celebrate his bday in a club.
She asked me to go along with them too and have some fun.
Of course! I really have fun at last night. =)
before that, I was going to YeeHuey house and waiting for the night come.
6pm sth, YeeHuey and I started to get ready.
We wear our sexy cloth and start to make up.
then wait for YeeHuey's bf (KK) come to fetch us.
We departure at 8pm. We went to fetch Jane.
After that, we went to pyramid to have our dinner.
We ate at Kim Gary. =p
Finished our dinner, we wait for vivian to come and met us at pyramid.
so that, we can went club together.
We were going to Poppy Garden and rock the night.
It was nice and there has a lovely pool inside the club.
It's differ type with other club such as Manson & Bar Selona.
At first, i feel there is quite bored.
because the DJ play some slow rock type music.
but when it's 12sth nearly 1am,
the DJ started to play all the hip hop, R&B songs...
I started to drink a lot too~
so, around 1 sth, i get high ady and started to dance like mad~
i dance with Vivian, Jane and YeeHuey.
we danced on the dance floor! but the dance floor is damn small!
and it is full of people. Perhaps, its bcos last nite is saturday night.
when its around 2am sth, almost all of our people get DRUNK!
they drunk and vomited. =.='' i felt so disguisting.
In the end, left a few of us didn't get drunk only(not included those I don't know).
which are Vivian, Vivian friend, YeeHuey and I.
but I really enjoyed last night.
after last night, my final exam will come after 2 weeks.
so... now I'm waiting my final exam..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Here I come!

Woo Hoo~~~! My first Blog wei!
Actually, I don't feel like writing blog.
Why now I'm Writing a blog huh?
because now I feel like wanna write it for fun,
in other language (hokkien) called as Zho Siao~
Okay. now i have some thing want to share with you guys!
It's about my study~
My IMMW(Introduction to Mass Media Writing) subject... PASSED!
Before that, i still very worry about my this subject.
da subject teacher is very sarcastic... =.=''
but in the end... I PASSED IT MAN!!!
so... i no need to pay more effort on it ady =x
but, i have another subject to worry about...
which is MHL. It's a history subject... =.=''
haiyooo... okay la.
That's all for today.
Later you guys say i Cheong Hei then ma cham lo. =P