Sunday, March 22, 2009

Game Game Game ^^

WooHoo! Just got new online game from my classmate!
Can play already~ yay!!!
Actually I am waiting for almost 1 week already...
Finally~ waiting for soooo long man!
Anyways, tomorrow still have something going on.
Which is my Project Roadshow in Amcorp Mall PJ.
Those who read my blog,
if u're free on tomorrow from 10am-5pm,
please come and visit our booths.
You're most welcome!
Come and suppost us!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shock of my life! (quote from Julius =P)

Last night, My Penang Ji Mui suddenly message me...
She said she gonna marry at 24th April!
I damn shock!
She just same age as me only...
How sad, she going to marry soon,
and me...
I don't even have a BF! WTH?
However, I die also need to attend her wedding,
if I don't attend, she said she come KL kill me!
So kua cheong...

*later may going out with Soo they all, wink*

Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night, I went yumcha with my friends in Taipan.
Yee huey and KK left first,
because they both need to leave early morning to Johor and Phuket.
after they left, we were still sitting there and continue chit chat.
Suddenly, don't know who come out an idea,
let's go genting...
In the end, we really went up there...
Once we reached there,
we take a lot of pictures,
all those funny, act and pose picture~
after taking picture, we walk around for awhile.
guess what, we went down back.
We not even stay for like 1 hour.
I think is less than 1 hour then we went back.
Today I was very happy~
My friend help me find the video controller driver installer.
He found it and send it to me and it is working too!!!
Gosh! I can play game already~ WooHoo!

Pictures will be post after I get it from soo! Be patient~ ^^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I need video controller driver installer!

GOSH! I just format my laptop on sunday...
All driver installer I have, excepted video controller!
It is consider the most important driver for me,
because I'm a game freak!
without it, I cannot play game! Darn!
I online find for 3 days already,
but no result, what the hell...
Anyone out there can help me out? T.T

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Night Outing

Last night, I went for dinner with my friends.
We went to The Curve.
Actually, we planned wanna watch Marley & Me.
However, Vann cannot book for the tickets,
so... ended up, we just have dinner together.
After dinner, we went Yipee Cup yumcha.

The girls

*now I'm searching the information for my assignment and my driver installer*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally~ Holiday

Finally, I have 1 week semester break.
Although is just 1 week only,
but I felt very happy already =P
However, I am not totally enjoying this whole week holiday,
because I have 3 assignment in a row...
which are CCP, MP, and ECON.
The worst, I SICK MAN!
I having cough and flu... really not feeling well T.T
I think I gonna stop here~
Have a happy holiday to all my friends ^^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Presentation again...

Tomorrow, I have presentation again!
Scary man... so worry right now.
Hope I can present my topic better than last time...
Wish me luck ya~

Going watch movie later with friends... winks*

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do not simply judge people...

Yesterday, I woke up at 6.15am.
After get ready, I went to Julius house and wait for Yee huey to come and fetch both of us.
We went to sports planet and get prepared for our Project HOME Charity Futsal Tournament.
Elaine and I was in charge the score board.
There are 12 teams in total to join our charity futsal tournament.
I am glad that, our futsal tournament was successful.
From morning until afternoon, whole project HOME members did not eat a single thing.
At first, we estimated our futsal will finish at 2pm.
It ended at 3 something in the afternoon.
Our team member are starving...
Therefore, we went to Darrusalam to have our lunch~
After makan~ we went home.
At night, Piak, Huey, Julius and I went to watch movie, Role Model.

If you don't know anything,
just keep your mouth shut.
Don't simply judge people.
You must observe the person first,
only you can judge them.
Your surface observation can tell you nothing...