Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent night... and surprise... =)

Christmas eve just stay at home,
without any celebration.
On my birthday,
I having a small birthday celebration at auntie house.
After that, we went to meet up my friend at Mid Valley.
He brought me his homemade Tong Yun for me.
His Tong Yun is damn nice. *thumbs up!*
Other than that,
my dearie give me a surprise, a birthday present.
The whole progress...
Hid the present inside my wardrobe.
After 2 days...
I didn't realize the present was kept in my wardrobe.
My dearie was wondering,
why there is nothing happen during these days,
heard nothing from me.
Therefore asked me, This is the conversation:
'do you found something in your house?'
I said, 'What thing?'
'I put something in your room.'
I said, 'What is that?'
'Once you found it, you will know.'
I said, 'You cannot tell me?'
'I put a Boom inside your wardrobe.'
I said, 'Ya, right. When it gonne exploit? You wanna die together with me ah?'
And there are more... ... ...
When I found the present was hid inside my wardrobe,
I stunned for a few second, and I shocked for what I get.
Its really surprise me and touched me so much...
Thank you for everything! Muack Muack! Hehex!
Okay... I think I should stop now.
Ciao, everybody!

You gimme an unforgettable memory... Thanks!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock Knock~

Hey people!
Never been update my blog since September. <-Lazy Cat(Kate)
Here comes December... Time pass so fast.
This sem final results is out.
Kinda disappointed about the results.
Expected to get a better result...
Anyways, its over~ Do better next time =)
December... My favorite month.
Holidays, Christmas, Tang Yuan and of course my birthday~
Tonight I will be going to Zouk.
My BFF, Yee Huey will be going as well~
Feel so excited, BABY!
See you guys at Zouk, if you are going. =P
Muackss... XoXo

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update,Update...say belated happy birthday to my friends.

Recently, I being very lazy.
Lazy to do my assignment as well~ haha...
I am just sleeping, eating and watching TV.
Okay, just cut it short.
Happy birthday to Seng Jeow and KK.
(Oops! Forgot to wish Julius and Leroy happy birthday in my blog )
Next, a superb babe's birthday is coming soon...
Hehe... I think I will be stop by here.
Will be update my blog more frequently.
(if I started to get hardworking to update my blog) *blek*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internship Report.

Had been so long never update my blog~
Very lazy recently.
Lazy until never do my internship report >.<
Gosh... suppose to pass up today,
But I not even touch a single thing... so how to pass up? =.=
Then I told Mr Phua I will pass up on wednesday.
Lucky! He said okay ^^
Okay, now I need to start off my internship report already.
Ciaos first ~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friday Night, Poppy Garden ^^

Last friday, I went to Poppy with my friends together with Yee Huey and Vivian.
At first, we planned go and watch movie.
But, my friend's friend want to go club,
because his friend birthday.
Therefore, we went to Poppy.
We reach there 11 something.
But, on that day, there is kind of boring.
It is because the music is keep repeating... Grr!
Anyway, we still enjoy the night ^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working now... (Internship)

Since after my final exam, I never update my blog...
Work... is the worst thing that we need to pass through in our life.
We need to work, get marry and create our own family.
Although I am just in an internship,
it is just a starter and a beginning stage of my working life,
but I already feel like... *speechless
May be mostly interns do all those jobs, so I think it is still okay for me.
The most headache thing - MAKAN!
Where to eat?!
Here is only mamak and the one and only chinese hawker's stall.
Haiz... I think is time for back to my work... Ciaos!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just finish my final exam for sem 4...

Just finish it yesterday.
Then, get some rest on saturday and sunday,
straight go to internship on next monday~
Although is quite tiring,
but it is better than I do nothing at home.
What a sad thing for my exam~
the first 2 days exam paper is still okay for me.
But, the next 2 paper I screwed up T.T
It is due to my laziness of being study hard for my exam.
hai hai hai... Don't care already, because it was already passed! Hehex!
I just do not want to repeat the whole subject again~ =)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monday Night, Luna Bar ^^

Monday night, after my presentation,
almost all of my classmate gather at courtyard.
They all are discussing about that night function(go Luna Bar).
Of course, they have invite all classmate go there.
It is because Yee Huey was moody and she feels like going there and chill.
Therefore, we decide went there.
But, ended up, Yee Huey decided not to go in a very last minute.
In the end, Julius, Vann, Soo and I went there.
Lunar Bar is in KL town area, around KL tower there.
We cannot find the place,
so we spent around 15 or more minutes to find the location.
Once we reach Lunar Bar, there is a pool.
There are 2 area, indoor(air-cond) and outdoor(open-air).
The pool is locate at outdoor area.
There is a second floor in outdoor area.
From second floor, you can see the KL Tower very clearly.
In indoor area, there has a lot of crystals light.
It looks very nice.
We went back around 1am, then go mamak eat and chit-chat.

Pictures will upload later...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Penang BFF (Hong Ee) married (424)

Last friday and saturday,
My high school best friend get married.
I go back Penang friday to attend her wedding dinner.
I reach there around 5.30pm,
after that, I am waiting for my dad to come and fetch me.
Reached my house around 6pm.
I rush to cut, wash and set my hair.
Ended up, Ai Chern, Lay Suan and I were late to the wedding dinner.
Today morning, the groom come and pick up the bride.
My friend and I reach there around 8.15 am.
Guess what, the bride still not in!
Some more, the bride ask we all reach her house before 8am...
Around 9 something, the groom came!
We all ji mui set up 3 question to let the groom answer~
1. What is the bride's favorite animal?
2. How many days they both in the relationship.
3. Love letter to Bride, say it out loud! (3 minutes)
After that, we went to groom house.
The groom really has a big family!
He has a lot of relatives.
At night, I went to oriental KTV with Hong Ee.
Sing K until 1 something almost 2am,
the we went home.
Take bus come back KL.

Ai Chern and I the wedding dinner.

25.4.2009 In bride house, group picture.

Hong Ee (bride) and I

Monday, April 6, 2009

Project HOME Carnival, 5th April

Stage backdrop of our Carnival.

Bunting of our Carnival.

Yee Huey, Me, (half) Issac =P

The story about animal cruelty. (cats and dogs)

We decorate the main entrance by ourselves and this is registration booth.

DJ Prem =)

All the booths ^^

SPCA booth

SPCA's cats and dogs

Dog from Malaysia Dog Deserve Better.

Cake for Petster 1st year anniversary.

5th of April, My Project Carnival day.
Start from february until april,
my team member had run through some roadshows and provide voluntary service to SPCA.
Now, the Carnival is the finale of our project.
My carnival was located at main entrance, Summit.
Although there had not much crowd,
but our carnival is quite successful when it comes to the end.
On the carnival that day, we had
-Hand painting booth
-SPCA merchandise booth
-Malaysia Dog Deserve Better booth
-Samsung merchandise booth
-Pet Icon booth (pet grooming)
-Petster booth
-Photo session booth.
We had invited DJ Prem, Manhand and CrossFire to perform in our carnival.
There was a dancing performance by CHEWS family.
Their dancing performance was awesome, especially the kid.
After all, before we ended our carnival,
we bought a cake for Petster.
Since our carnival is conjuction with petster 1 year anniversary,
we decide to bought a cake for them and celebrate with them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just done all my work...

Just done all my work for today.
Resume, CV, Flyer and Bunting.
Tomorrow (1st April),
My project need to spread out about collecting old newspaper and used hand towel.
Need to reach college at 8am.
Have to go. Ciaoz! =P

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Game Game Game ^^

WooHoo! Just got new online game from my classmate!
Can play already~ yay!!!
Actually I am waiting for almost 1 week already...
Finally~ waiting for soooo long man!
Anyways, tomorrow still have something going on.
Which is my Project Roadshow in Amcorp Mall PJ.
Those who read my blog,
if u're free on tomorrow from 10am-5pm,
please come and visit our booths.
You're most welcome!
Come and suppost us!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shock of my life! (quote from Julius =P)

Last night, My Penang Ji Mui suddenly message me...
She said she gonna marry at 24th April!
I damn shock!
She just same age as me only...
How sad, she going to marry soon,
and me...
I don't even have a BF! WTH?
However, I die also need to attend her wedding,
if I don't attend, she said she come KL kill me!
So kua cheong...

*later may going out with Soo they all, wink*

Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night, I went yumcha with my friends in Taipan.
Yee huey and KK left first,
because they both need to leave early morning to Johor and Phuket.
after they left, we were still sitting there and continue chit chat.
Suddenly, don't know who come out an idea,
let's go genting...
In the end, we really went up there...
Once we reached there,
we take a lot of pictures,
all those funny, act and pose picture~
after taking picture, we walk around for awhile.
guess what, we went down back.
We not even stay for like 1 hour.
I think is less than 1 hour then we went back.
Today I was very happy~
My friend help me find the video controller driver installer.
He found it and send it to me and it is working too!!!
Gosh! I can play game already~ WooHoo!

Pictures will be post after I get it from soo! Be patient~ ^^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I need video controller driver installer!

GOSH! I just format my laptop on sunday...
All driver installer I have, excepted video controller!
It is consider the most important driver for me,
because I'm a game freak!
without it, I cannot play game! Darn!
I online find for 3 days already,
but no result, what the hell...
Anyone out there can help me out? T.T

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Night Outing

Last night, I went for dinner with my friends.
We went to The Curve.
Actually, we planned wanna watch Marley & Me.
However, Vann cannot book for the tickets,
so... ended up, we just have dinner together.
After dinner, we went Yipee Cup yumcha.

The girls

*now I'm searching the information for my assignment and my driver installer*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finally~ Holiday

Finally, I have 1 week semester break.
Although is just 1 week only,
but I felt very happy already =P
However, I am not totally enjoying this whole week holiday,
because I have 3 assignment in a row...
which are CCP, MP, and ECON.
The worst, I SICK MAN!
I having cough and flu... really not feeling well T.T
I think I gonna stop here~
Have a happy holiday to all my friends ^^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Presentation again...

Tomorrow, I have presentation again!
Scary man... so worry right now.
Hope I can present my topic better than last time...
Wish me luck ya~

Going watch movie later with friends... winks*

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do not simply judge people...

Yesterday, I woke up at 6.15am.
After get ready, I went to Julius house and wait for Yee huey to come and fetch both of us.
We went to sports planet and get prepared for our Project HOME Charity Futsal Tournament.
Elaine and I was in charge the score board.
There are 12 teams in total to join our charity futsal tournament.
I am glad that, our futsal tournament was successful.
From morning until afternoon, whole project HOME members did not eat a single thing.
At first, we estimated our futsal will finish at 2pm.
It ended at 3 something in the afternoon.
Our team member are starving...
Therefore, we went to Darrusalam to have our lunch~
After makan~ we went home.
At night, Piak, Huey, Julius and I went to watch movie, Role Model.

If you don't know anything,
just keep your mouth shut.
Don't simply judge people.
You must observe the person first,
only you can judge them.
Your surface observation can tell you nothing...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presentation for tomorrow.

Gosh! Nervous for tomorrow presentation man!
It is a informative speech... and guess what...
My topic has a lot of scientific words!!!
Well, I should stop now and go practice!
Wish me luck for tomorrow early morning...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Vann

5th of Feb, Vann's birthday~
Actually, we planned to have a surprise birthday party for her~
At first, we had dinner at Julius's house.
Actually the dinner is kinda like celebrate Chinese New Year dinner.
Julius's mom cooked for us~
The food was so delicious.
After dinner, we went Station 1 in Taipan.
Until 12am,
The waiter brought out the birthday cake and we sang birthday song for Vann.
After that,
They went to Putrajaya to continue their next round.
Too bad, I can't join them,
Because the next day I need to fetch Domenic go nursery... sigh
Lastly, Hope Vann had a fruitful birthday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Saturday night

Last Saturday I went to Scarlet with my friends.
What irritate me the most was The Boss, Jay Chuah told me very last minute.
He told me around 12am!
He called me and said I will be reach your house after 20 minutes,
so you have 'enough' time to prepare yourself.
It is because he said it is enough for me to get myself well prepare,
I might as well to let them wait for me another 10 more minutes. (I guess)
There was only 6 of us. (Jay, Ban, Meng, CK, Boon and myself)
Once we got in, we started to cheers!
Just awhile only, we finished up our bottle~ (1 bottle only)
The songs were not bad, but the songs all like 3 or 4 years ago,
some songs were older than 4 years.
But the environment quite okay, so I kinda enjoyed that night.
Lastly, Wish Jay happy birthday first.
Wish ya all the best~

No pictures available,
because forgot to take picture. =x

Happy Birthday to Soo Hui ^^ 16th Jan

Soo Hui~ Happy Birthday ya~!
Hope you really like the presents that we gave you!
For Soo Hui's Birthday dinner,
we had it at Damansara Ara, 1 of the Korean restaurant. ( I forgot the name of the restaurant)
After the dinner, we went to Yippee Cup again. LOL
Play the flick games? YEA!
but this time, Casper kena the most! LOL
Some more, he kena from Ian~ more cham =( (LOL pity him wey)
Last few rounds, I got it all!!! WTH?
Julius got all the Ace! (curse him burst but he got Ace)
After all, most of them went back.
Julius, Soo Hui, Pek Kei, and I went up to Genting.
Damn Zhun right? Last minute decided wanna go up to Genting.
Julius drove all the way up there.
On the way, Julius cannot see the road because it was too misty.
In 1 path, he totally cannot see the road the stopped middle of the road.
Walao! Soo hui and I were shocked and scared like hell. =.=
It is because where got people suddenly break and stopped at middle of the road.
Once we reached, there was damn cold up there.
The temperature was only 15.8.
Plus Julius never bring jacket, of course he complain the most~
We walked randomly~ doing nothing but enjoying the cold wind~
Hope to have next time like this~ doing crazy decision~
went up to genting~ =P

Korean Restaurant


Disney Lantern in Damansara Ara, Thursday 15/1/2009

I went to Damansara Ara again~
but I went with Domenic and my sister this time.
Recently, TV commercial always showing Damansara Ara have a lot of Disney Lantern.
Domenic always ask my sis to bring him go there,
therefore, we brought him go there and take a look.
Once we reached there,
we straight went to the counter and purchased the tickets.
However, there is nothing special.
Just a few Disney display Lantern there.
The ticket for adult is RM10, children is RM 5.
In my opinion, it is not worth to get in there.
As we pay so much, and inside is just nothing.
Fortunately, The tickets are exchangeable with 2 merchandises,
which are Disney mug and Disney umbrella.

Just post a few pictures here only.
but seriously, there's only has some lantern and Patung. LOL

Full House, Friday 9/1/2009

ah hah~!
That night I went to damansara ara~
with Julius, Elaine and Vann.
We were going to have dinner at Full House.
There have a nice environment to enjoy dinner.
It is a place that look quite similar with Winter Warmers.
Vann and Julius order the club sandwich,
which look like it tastes very nice.
I ordered a Fish and Chips,
which the fillet looks very small.
After finished our dinner, we walked around there.
Sad thing, Elaine was sick~ and ended up she did not really enjoy much.

~Here are the photo we took~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Movie day ^^

Yesterday, I went to watch movie with my friends.
We watched Four Christmas.
Although Christmas passed for some period,
we still watched it.
It is a comedy movie about how a couple trying to skip their Christmas from their family.
This movie is okay.
Some scenes are funny.
After movie, we went to shop and had dinner~ wink*

3rd of Jan, Happy Marriage to Jerald and Sam (my sis best friend).

I went back to Penang again on 2nd of Jan till 4th of Jan.
The reason we went back was because of my sister best friend(Sam) was going to get married.
Although we were going back to Penang for 3 days,
I haven't got any free time to meet up my friends in Penang. *sighed
I didn't even had free time to go and cut my hair! GRR~
Friday(2/1), we reached Penang around 5pm.
After bathe and settled up every things,
we went to Sam's house had dinner.
you know, in Chinese culture,
the day before you get married,
your house must organize a dinner. ( I only know the words called as what in hokkien)
I ate a lots!!! Till I damn full and felt gonna vomit that type of fullness. =x
Saturday (3/1), Sam wedding dinner.
She damn pretty~
and guess what, I saw Sheena!
I was shocked when I saw her.
She was her cousin actually. (I don't know Sheena is Bridal's cousin)
Sunday (4/1), We departed Penang around 4pm.
Overall, what I can say is...
I had being a nanny for these 3 days.
I had been taking care of Domenic most of the time. *Sigh

Happy Marriage, Sam and her hubby.
Hope you both stay happy and lovely forever~

On the 1st of Jan.

Sorry for the late update guys!
Kind of busy recently.
1st of Jan, Thursday night, I went clubbing with my friends.
They are Viv, Ling, Huey, KK, KK's friend, Vann, Ian and Ian's friends.
We went Quatro which located in Avenue K~
At first, we don't really enjoy there,
because the song wasn't really nice.
They play all those old song but not slow song =P
and guess what,
they play Dragon Ball!
kind of potong steam right? LOL
Till around 1something,
the DJ slowly started to play recent song.
Too bad, Vann was going back quite early.
After Vann went back,
We started to fool around~
We dance, shake, play, act and we invited Ang Mo come to dance with us too!
Rocks right? Haha... and they are from Australia (1 of them told me that).
After all, I can said that, we kind of enjoy that night.
Around 2 something,
we decided to leave and went to eat WanTan Mee.

Group pictures~

Our group~

With Ang Mo~ LOL

Pictures with the girls~