Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally have free time to update my blog!

phew~ my final exam left 1 subject.

which is BCS, my last paper. ^^

meaning that, now I'm free.

Cos BCS is a basic computer study. (computer need study huh?)

I can continue to write my blog. (cos I'm free, no need to study ady)

so long never update my blog~

my friend (Yee Huey) was complaining about that. =x

so~~~ now I write a short blog~ hehex

oh ya~ last 2 weeks (18/4) I attended my friends make up graduation.

I be their fantasy model (for TV drama)

I get 2nd runner up! I damn HAPPY!

It is my 1st time join those thingy.

I want to thanks for my make up artist friend (covy & shiang)

because of their make up skill,

make me win and get 2nd runner up.

next Tuesday,

I'm going to join miss model in Penang state. (which is my hometown^^)

so~ guys! wish me luck ya!

will see you guys when I free to write my blog.

muacksss~ god bless U & ME! take care guys!