Saturday, March 20, 2010

A week that full with assignment.

A short update about me in this week.
I had been busy for the whole week.
This week handed up 3 assignments and a small presentation.
The most difficult assignment was the Print Ad,
in part of taking my own picture with very tasty expression...
After shooting the photo,
I need to add some things my noodle,
in order to make my noodle look nice and delicious.
I am not an expert for Photoshop.
Therefore, the edit takes me about 5 hours to done it.
As you know most of the student like last minute work.
No doubt, I am the one too. xD
So, this few days, I just slept for a few hours.
However, it's all over~ I done all my assignment and passed up!
Anyway, next week still has a group presentation going on. ~.~
My cousin came down to KL last night.
He wants to go for the Astro singing audition.
Wish he good luck!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent night... and surprise... =)

Christmas eve just stay at home,
without any celebration.
On my birthday,
I having a small birthday celebration at auntie house.
After that, we went to meet up my friend at Mid Valley.
He brought me his homemade Tong Yun for me.
His Tong Yun is damn nice. *thumbs up!*
Other than that,
my dearie give me a surprise, a birthday present.
The whole progress...
Hid the present inside my wardrobe.
After 2 days...
I didn't realize the present was kept in my wardrobe.
My dearie was wondering,
why there is nothing happen during these days,
heard nothing from me.
Therefore asked me, This is the conversation:
'do you found something in your house?'
I said, 'What thing?'
'I put something in your room.'
I said, 'What is that?'
'Once you found it, you will know.'
I said, 'You cannot tell me?'
'I put a Boom inside your wardrobe.'
I said, 'Ya, right. When it gonne exploit? You wanna die together with me ah?'
And there are more... ... ...
When I found the present was hid inside my wardrobe,
I stunned for a few second, and I shocked for what I get.
Its really surprise me and touched me so much...
Thank you for everything! Muack Muack! Hehex!
Okay... I think I should stop now.
Ciao, everybody!

You gimme an unforgettable memory... Thanks!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock Knock~

Hey people!
Never been update my blog since September. <-Lazy Cat(Kate)
Here comes December... Time pass so fast.
This sem final results is out.
Kinda disappointed about the results.
Expected to get a better result...
Anyways, its over~ Do better next time =)
December... My favorite month.
Holidays, Christmas, Tang Yuan and of course my birthday~
Tonight I will be going to Zouk.
My BFF, Yee Huey will be going as well~
Feel so excited, BABY!
See you guys at Zouk, if you are going. =P
Muackss... XoXo

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update,Update...say belated happy birthday to my friends.

Recently, I being very lazy.
Lazy to do my assignment as well~ haha...
I am just sleeping, eating and watching TV.
Okay, just cut it short.
Happy birthday to Seng Jeow and KK.
(Oops! Forgot to wish Julius and Leroy happy birthday in my blog )
Next, a superb babe's birthday is coming soon...
Hehe... I think I will be stop by here.
Will be update my blog more frequently.
(if I started to get hardworking to update my blog) *blek*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internship Report.

Had been so long never update my blog~
Very lazy recently.
Lazy until never do my internship report >.<
Gosh... suppose to pass up today,
But I not even touch a single thing... so how to pass up? =.=
Then I told Mr Phua I will pass up on wednesday.
Lucky! He said okay ^^
Okay, now I need to start off my internship report already.
Ciaos first ~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friday Night, Poppy Garden ^^

Last friday, I went to Poppy with my friends together with Yee Huey and Vivian.
At first, we planned go and watch movie.
But, my friend's friend want to go club,
because his friend birthday.
Therefore, we went to Poppy.
We reach there 11 something.
But, on that day, there is kind of boring.
It is because the music is keep repeating... Grr!
Anyway, we still enjoy the night ^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working now... (Internship)

Since after my final exam, I never update my blog...
Work... is the worst thing that we need to pass through in our life.
We need to work, get marry and create our own family.
Although I am just in an internship,
it is just a starter and a beginning stage of my working life,
but I already feel like... *speechless
May be mostly interns do all those jobs, so I think it is still okay for me.
The most headache thing - MAKAN!
Where to eat?!
Here is only mamak and the one and only chinese hawker's stall.
Haiz... I think is time for back to my work... Ciaos!